I can workout on my own, but I need a trainer to learn what to do and how to exercise correctly.Will a trainer work with me on this basis?

Yes, our trainers will evaluate you and access your needs. They will work with you over a number of sessions to teach you fat loss and toning/building exercises necessary for you to achieve your goals. The number of sessions depends on your needs and your ability to master the movements on your own. You can always get more sessions at a later date for refreshment or to upgrade your program.

How long of a period will a trainer work with me?

Some trainer/client relationships have extended for years. It will depend on the interrelationship between you and your trainer, availability and schedules.

How many days a week do I need to workout?

This depends on your goals, budget and time and by speaking with your trainer you will come up with a plan to change your lifestyle. You may “need” to workout five days a week, but only have the time or budget for two sessions. Your trainer would then help you come up with a plan of attack that you can do on your own.

What happens if I am late for a session?

A trainer is not obligated to make up time due to clients lateness. Our trainers will wait 20 minutes before it constitutes as a “late cancellation” and the trainer is not obligated to carry out the session. In some cases, a trainer will work out with you for the remaining time in the session—but you will be charged for the session either way.

What if I cancel a session?

Once a session is scheduled, you must cancel it more than 24 hours in advance or you will be charged fully for the season.

Do you accept credit cards?

Currently, we do not accept credit cards, we prefer cash or check.

When must I make a payment?

For the introductory part of the program, payment is expected before the start of each session. After the introductory program has ended, payment is required for all future appointments in a plan—we do have a payment plan option.

Do I make a payment to the company or the personal trainer?

All payments will be made to the company.

Once I begin, am I required to continue?

No, you are never under any requirement to continue unless you have a session(s) scheduled. If you do, you must adhere to the cancellation policy. Once you have completed the plan you signed up for, you can either renew or stop using our services.

How do I get started?

Once you have supplied us with the necessary information about yourself by email or phone, a trainer will be selected for you depending on your needs. From that point, you choose between three of our options; 1) set up a free evaluation/consultation; 2) Schedule to start a three session special trial offer; 3) Schedule a training session(s). Once you have met with a trainer or had a session(s), you can decide whether to maintain the program, apply for a different trainer, or stop completely.

How far do you travel to an appointment?

Currently, we do most of our sessions in the East Bay . We do make appointments outside of the East Bay ; however it depends upon their availability to meet your schedule. These sessions are usually higher because of travel time involved.       

I currently belong to a gym; can a trainer come to a gym to help me train?

Yes, if your gym allows private personal trainers. You need to ask your gym if they welcome independent trainers and, if so, how much they charge you for the trainer to come in. Most gyms will charge you for this.    

I want to work out at home, but I don’t have any equipment. Will I still see results?

Yes, while it is better to have access to cardio and resistance equipment, a lot can be achieved without expensive equipment. Each trainer will bring equipment to each appointment that will help guide you toward your results.