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Are you looking to share in a variety of enjoyable and fun workouts in a group setting ? Then group training is the right fit for you. In group training you gain the benefit of work with a personal trainer at a more affordable rate as well as the  support, motivation and accountability of a team environment.


When it comes to fitness, most individuals think of training strictly from a “one on one” personal training perspective, a large fitness class, or training  by-themselves at a gym.  Unfortunately, this often yields temporary results.  Many of us find it easy to stay dedicated for a couple weeks or months, but when our schedules fill up, it is always easy to put these options on the back burner.  The latest research indicates that those who have a support network are most likely to succeed at reaching whatever goals or lifestyle changes they set.  Working directly, or having an association with individuals who have similar goals, results in a higher success rate.  I’ve applied this finding to how I structure my group training services.


Based upon my training methodology, I’ve designed three separate categories for Group Training.  Think of Group Training as a curriculum divided into separate groups based upon current level of experience.  I keep the groups small and intimate so you still get plenty of individual attention, but at the same time you leverage the power of the group.  Similar to school or martial arts, the ultimate goal is to matriculate to higher levels thereby continually learning new training techniques and improving your overall health and fitness.



  • Little to no training experience
  • Returning from a long lay-off from physical activity (over 1 year)
  • Needs foundational work (exercise form and technique)
  • Returning from an injury and needs to ease back into physical activity

2.  RED

  • Seasoned in exercise (very familiar with basic work out routines)
  • Understands basic exercise form and technique
  • Physically prepared for high intensity work out
  • Returning from short lay-off from physical activity (one season)

3.  BLACK*

  • Advanced and very experienced
  • Physically prepared for high intensity work out
  • Training for a specific event or competition

*For entrance into the Black Group, individuals must pass a fitness test

Prior to starting Group Training, individuals can either self-elect to participate in either the White or Red groups or take a fitness test so it can be determined which group best fits your needs.
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