Will Montgomery is an Oakland native and experienced personal trainer.  From a young age, Will has always lived an active lifestyle.  From his years playing baseball and football to his promising collegiate track career, Will exhibits a lifelong dedication to health and fitness.

Throughout his athletic career, Will was exposed to some of the nation’s top trainers.  Will trained under former Olympians and coach’s Ray Norton, Bart Williams and with the prolific high profile athletic coach Remi Korchemny.

Will’s introduction to the world of personal training ironically came as a result of unforseen injury.  While ranked in the top 5 amongst all California Junior College sprinters and training for the Olympics in the 100m and 200m dash, Will started to be plagued by various injuries.  Though at the time Will trained hard and was physically fit, he would continually sidelined by injury.  In attempt to remedy these issues, Will intensively studied the human body and a multitude of theories on health and fitness.  As a result of this research, Will began to develop his own training methodology.

After working at gyms throughout the Bay Area and building a happy base of customers, Will decided to start his own company, Will Power Elite.

Will combines his experience, education, and training to provide a strong foundation for his clients health and fitness goals.


  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Certified
  • Partner Stretch Certified
  • Functional Training and Assessment (ACE)
  • Evidence-Based Strength and Conditioning (Cross Country Education)