Got Friend? Got Motivation!

As we struggle to manage our busy lives, it’s important to keep up your exercising as a means of stress relief. If you were to survey people about some of the reasons they have difficulty staying consistent with their fitness programs; I could just about guarantee, one if the biggest reasons would be the lack of motivation. Personally, I find it easier to stay motivated when I work out with a partner or a group. It works well when I have someone there counting on me to keep them accountable, as well as to keep me on task.

Years ago at the height of my track and field training, it was essential to have training partners to draw strength from; especially on those 200 meter interval days. Although I loved the 200m as a race, as a workout … well…let’s just say I would rather run 10 miles!  It helped to know, we were all in it together, that we were all hurting, tired and ready to pass out. Just the knowledge of knowing that I was not alone in the fight to make my body do what I needed it to do, gave me the energy to endure the workouts.

Now like then, consistency is the most senior of importance to staying fit, fast and strong. I do my exercises with proper form and sometimes when it becomes difficult, having a workout partner can help me get through my most intense workouts. Knowing that I’m not the only person feeling the pain makes it a little bit easier to bear. When choosing a workout partner, pick someone that keeps you on task, helps you stay motived, challenge you, and most of all, makes it fun!


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