If The Shoe Fits

Today I decided to blog about one of my favorite things to buy…running shoes. I would say on average most people have about least 2 to 3 pairs of running shoes, however I have at least 40 pairs! I know that’s a little excessive, but I do love how a great pair of running shoes feel on my feet…and yes, I really have that many or maybe more…lol. Running has become more popular now days and there are a huge variety of shoe colors, fit, and styles in the marketplace.

I choose a great pair of running shoes by testing the fit and style of them. Because I have narrow, almost flat feet I don’t just run in anything.  I prefer to wear a shoe that is formed in the same manner as my foot. The shoes that I most often run in are my Nike (LunarSpider) racing flats or my Adidas marathon 10′s. Those of you who are looking for new running shoes I have a couple of recommendations for shoe shopping.  It is important to try on different brands and styles to determine what works best for your foot and running style.

My favorite running shoe list:

Nike LunarSpider
Adidas Marathon
Merrell Sonic Glove
Nike Free Run
New Balance Minimus



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