Kris Carraway Oakland, CA

I’ve been a member of a gym for nearly twenty years.  During that time I’ve taken various classes and worked out by myself, following a fairly set circuit.  It’s been good exercise for me, but I knew that in recent years I hadn’t been growing or improving at all—just maintaining.  So when I had the opportunity to sign up for a personal trainer, I thought it would be helpful.  Was I ever right, was I ever lucky to be assigned to Will, and what a difference he’s made for me over the past six months!

Since Will has been working with me, I’ve noticed how much stronger I have become—arms, legs, and core.  I’m also a lot more flexible, and my endurance has definitely increased.  I really appreciate the way Will encourages me to press on to do a little more each time, working new muscles or strengthening the old ones.  Our routine is never boring because he has so many different ways to work each muscle, and he varies our workout each week.  He’s given me a large set of new exercises that I can use when I’m working out alone—a whole new way of looking at my exercise both at home and at the gym.

Shortly after we began working together, my back went out and I was in too much pain to come to the gym.  Will was very helpful with good suggestions about how to ease the pain.  When we started up again, Will tailored the workout to move me gently back into a more rigorous routine.  I was impressed with his knowledge and willingness to go beyond physical training to help me feel good again.  I’m also impressed with his sensitivity to what might aggravate the arthritis in my hands; Will finds alternate exercises that target the same muscles when one is painful.

Will is always supportive but not pushy in talking to me about losing weight, and he gives me various print-outs about healthy foods.  I appreciate the holistic approach he takes to building a healthier body—more than just exercise.  Since we’ve been working together, I find my back aches less often, I have more energy, I’m stronger and more flexible, and in general I feel better.  In short, I’m delighted that I have the opportunity to work with Will!


Davina Muldowney Emeryville, CA

I remember walking into the gym for the first time feeling intimated, not knowing how to work the machines, unsure about working out with a trainer. However, from our first session Will immediately put me at ease, with his open, friendly demeanor and positive approach. Will made me comfortable enough to laugh at myself when I made mistakes and encouraged me to push myself when I didn’t believe it could do something.

Thanks to Will, I discovered a love of working out. I am constantly amazed at the way he manages to make our session fun and engaging. He keeps it interesting by having new workout routines every session. I always see other members watching him, and duplicating the moves after.

It is obvious that Will is not just terrific at what he does, but that he also stays on top of what is current in the exercise industry. It is a sign of a person that thrives in their chosen career, not just because it is a job that they make money at, but because they the truly love what they do.

As I continue to progress further towards my own workout goals, I know that I have Will’s steady support and I am grateful for it. It makes me want to push to new heights. I’ve realized that there are no limits.

Will truly has a positive impact on my life and I thank him for it!